Top 3 Vancouver Real Estate Investment Tips | Vancouver Real Estate Buying Guide | Empyr Living

Top 3 Vancouver Real Estate Investment Tips | Vancouver Real Estate Buying Guide | Empyr Living

Top 3 Vancouver Real Estate Investment Tips

Top 3 Vancouver Real Estate Investment Tips


1. Don’t compete, just find something better to invest in.

Are you the type that walks toward a crowded entrance or do you circle around to find another way in?
While buyers are creating bidding wars for themselves, the smart thing to do as an investor is to explore other options to make a healthy profit.

Pre-sale Condos have a set pricing structure by developers, therefore you don’t need to get into bidding wars. Park your 20% deposit over the course of the year (most will split the deposit into 4 payments) and use the building time as leverage for your investment to appreciate.

Commercial real estate is an commodity that many investors overlook. Unlike Vancouver house real estate, commercial buyers are primarily investors or business owners, which mean less competitors. You have many options from retail spaces to multi-office units that may already be pre-tenanted with triple-net leases.

2. Set your objectives and do the math.

  • Are you looking for a rental property with positive cash flow?
  • How long do you plan on keeping the property for?
  • What is the percentage of return on investment you want to achieve?

Keep in mind that banks only take a certain percentage of the rental income into account when evaluating whether you can afford the investment loan. Talk to your mortgage broker about which financial institution will be best suited for your investment.

3. Expand your search area.

As land value increases in Greater Vancouver, outer regions are prone to catch up. Look beyond what’s in front of you. There are still great deals on land and detached homes in other areas with huge potential to increase in value.

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